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The Vintage Nest

French Lessons from The Vintage Nest
The French are comfortable with trends and tradition. At ease with both foreign and familiar. They are urbane, au courant and well versed in aesthetic history and the art of elegance. The Vintage Nest is thrilled when she finds something worthy of your French appeal foImager her boutique.
The Vintage Cottage FarmHouseA residence where simple flea market treasures and timeworn materials create charming vignettes with ease and elegance. Although small, each place is arranged with every object contributing to a happy home.

Elegant CountryCollected treasures, warm textiles, glass front cabinets, faded vanilla, faded red and dark woods.....the perfect recipe for a an elegant country French home. Always warm and welcoming, laid back but always elegant.Image

The Paris ApartmentA touch of elegance is what we think of when The Paris Apartment is mentioned. Collected romantic treasures, a soothing palette, a touch of whimsy and a smattering of gold, all come together to reflect the owner's sensual style with no set rules.
Et Le JardinThe French home has a true connection between the garden and indoors. Symmetry is a feature of the formal gardens of the manor homes but billowing flowers and vegetables gardens are typical of the cottages. Bringing the outdoors in melds our sense of practicality and adds perfection to our sense of style.. The little red metal vintage caddy is just as useful outdoors as in.Image

The Perfect French Omelette by the great Julia Child French Omelet
Makes 1 serving

2 extra-large or 3 large or medium eggs

Large pinch salt

Several grinds black pepper

1 teaspoon cold water (optional)

1 tablespoon unsalted butter, plus extra to garnish

Several sprigs parsley, to garnish

Combine the eggs, seasonings: In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, salt, pepper and water, if using, until just blended. Set aside.

Cook the omelet: Place a nonstick skillet over high heat. Add the butter and tilt the pan in all directions to coat the bottom and sides. When the butter foam has almost subsided but just before it browns, pour in the eggs.

Shake the pan briefly to spread the eggs over the bottom of the pan, then let the pan sit for several seconds undisturbed while the eggs coagulate on the bottom. If adding any fillings, such as sauteed vegetables, do so now.

Start jerking the pan toward you, throwing the eggs against the far edge. Keep jerking roughly, gradually lifting the pan up by the handle and tilting the far edge of the pan over the heat as the omelet begins to roll over on itself. Use a rubber spatula to push any stray egg back into the mass. Then bang on the handle close to the pan with a fist and the omelet will start curling at its far edge.

Unmold the omelet: Maneuver the omelet to one side of the pan. Fold the third of the omelet farthest from you over on itself. Lift the pan and hold a serving plate next to it. Tilt the pan toward the plate, allowing the omelet to slide onto it and fold over on itself into thirds.

Presentation: Spear a lump of butter with a fork and rapidly brush it over the top of the omelet. Garnish with parsley.

Personal Message for My Subscribers
I am delighted to announce A Vintage Nest exclusive..... NEST EGGS. Perfect for your guest bath or a sweet small gift for a friend or loved one. Our very own hand crafted eggceptional soaps, smelling like honeysuckle and in gorgeous arunca colors of pale blue and green and the sweetest packaging you'll ever see.Image

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Until the Nest Time......Keep up with the behind the scenes happenings at The Vintage Nest on my blog.

It's all about goofs, grins, giggles, Pink Saturdays, new ideas, gardening, recipes and just daily happenings at the farmette. And until Nest (next) time remember......Add a little French mystique to your abode even if it's just a fine glass of French wine. It will make you feel ooh la la. :)


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