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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Serving Tray

Are you a hoarder and keep things and say "when I get around to it, I can do something with this piece; I'll keep it!" Well, here's one of those pieces and I have lots of them and like Santa, I've been busy creating....

Take a great old frame...

Some wallpaper too...

Get out some of these materials & start painting...

And add some fine touches like some glass-knob feet...

And there you have it! A Serving Tray for Tea!

Here's another great project with an old frame. Same procedure; just add caulk.
Don't have time for projects; this one is On Sale & Reduced at! Just a quick click, add to your cart & check-out! It's that simple.

Happy Holidays from Shabby Lane Shops!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The joan and lucy show

"The joan and lucy show is a romantic and magical world, unlike any 
other. Step into this feminine wonderland and remember what it feels 
like to feel truly beautiful. Artist Diane Cowman know how real 
beauty is captured, through true personalization and refined 
individuality. Almost all her creations are one-of-a-kind, giving the 
wearer the special confidence that comes from having a truly special 
item that was practically made for her. How does Diane do it? After 
collecting for over two decades, the findings for her works come 
from every corner of time and space. From the flea markets of Europe 
to her own hometown of Los Angeles, CA... each crystal, ribbon, touch 
of lace, charm or morsel of porcelain seems to tell a story. Diane 
borrows inspiration from the Victorian era as well as the early 
decades of the 20th century to create her distinct jewelry, clothing, 
and accessories; the result is the joan and lucy show and its 
exclusive style.

the joan and lucy show
Fanciful treasures, enchanted creativity."

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Thank You note from our November Treasure Box winner!

It was a real pleasure opening up the box..and I decided to dedicate an entire tree to the beautiful ornaments I found inside. These are some talented folks! It was so generous of them all to contribute something to the give-away.

I am also sending some pictures of the tree I just finished decorating. It looks so pretty in my dining room!The items that couldn't go on the tree are underneath, and the ornies that were a little more "prim" are going on my grapevine tree...couldn't ask for more!

Thank you also for the generous gift certificate to the Shabby Lane will be difficult to decide where to use it..each of the shops are special in their own way.

Again, many thanks to all of those involved, and have a Happy Holidays!

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