Thursday, March 17, 2011

Business in the Bag - Tax Time

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Two dirty words......

Tax Time!  Ick.  Okay, let' me start by saying that I am a detail person and I do enjoy math.  I do NOT enjoy recordkeeping though and that's where the problem starts.
I know I should be keeping better records.  I should also be eating less sugar and more fish and veggies.  LOL  But, all kidding aside... for a number of years I have struggled with keeping good records for my businesses.  I've tried a couple different software programs, but they just seemed like too much work.
Then, a year or so ago a friend, Dianne of Mama's Pocketbook, offered information on a simple recordkeeping tool online.  I found many good features to this program:
   1.  User friendly and simple
   2.  FREE - yes, free
   3.  Ability to import data and to manually add data
I won't keep you waiting another moment.  Try it at Outright.comYou can easily sign up for FREE, then enter in your Pay Pal and bank accounts and it will import data automatically.  YAY!  I  It even does Profit/Loss Statements and reports with charts and graphs ( so YOU look great!).

Anyway, just a little tip from me to you.  My taxes are done this year and they were soooo much easier.  Give it a try.

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Dianne Hadaway said...

Hi Carol! Thanks so much for mentioning me in your post about I absolutely LOVE that program. It helped me so much this past year since I do 99.9% of my sales through PayPal and can download my records straight to Outright, then I can mark which transactions were personal and remove them in order to create my P&L statement. It's ridiculously easy! I can see real data that tells me where I'm spending and earning. And I was ready at tax time to just plug in the numbers easy squeezy! I love the French Perpetual Clock you have listed - so pretty! Thanks again Carol and I'm sure this will help a lot of our friends in business!

Shabby Lane Shops said...

I am trying it out today! thanks Carol & Dianne!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Thanks Carol and welcome to Shabby Lane Shops !

Mary Ann said...

I'd like to invite you to enter my blog giveaway to win a $50. gift card!

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