Friday, September 24, 2010

Flower Frogs at Tesoro Fino!

Flower frogs have been around for many, many years and they are now a highly-collected item.  They are used for flower arranging and they are meant to sit in the bottom of your vase or your bowl and the stems of the  flowers are then placed inside the small holes.  Back in the days when a woman was often graded on the beauty of her home, it was very common to have fresh flowers on display.  Typically these proud home makers would use flower frogs to help achieve the best flower arranging results.

Flower frogs come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes and are not anything like a frog at all. There are all different types of flower frogs available. One type is the metal flower frogs. The most common ones in this catagory look like the heads of pins sticking upright and the flower's stems rest on the pins.  There is no separate holes to insert the stem into.  This provides more flexibility for flower arranging.  There are also domed shaped metal ones that have a criss cross design (cage like) as well as some that are more free form (rarer to find).
We have also commonly seen glass flower frogs, some of which were produced with the matching console bowls and some that were not.  You can find them in all sorts of colors including pink, yellow, green, blue, black and clear.  There are also some that were popular many years ago in Vaseline Glass.

These interesting tidbits of vintage pottery, glass and metal flower frogs had gone by the wayside until approximately 10 years ago when Martha Stewart featured them in a segment in her Martha Stewart Living magazine.  About that time, the collectible market for them really started heating up.

Now that you know what these interesting things are, you can head on over to to view the metal flower frogs we have in stock!  Just think of all the lovely, professional-looking arrangements you could make!

They can be versatile. Give them as gifts for your bridesmaids, or use
them as table number holders.    Hold your  pencils and pens in them.
Or use them on your crafting table to hold paintbrushes (cage design).
Or display them in your home placing old black and white  photographs.
Or you can use them as  memo holders.(prong design). The possibilities are endless!

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