Monday, June 14, 2010

SBS Teas - Ice Tea for summer!

Get Ready For Summer-
Iced Tea Still On Sale!
Dear Catherine,

June is National Iced Tea Month so get your tall glasses and frosty ice cubes ready!!

It is easy to be creative with iced tea, and more importantly, it's fun.
There is the whole month of June to experiment.
* Maybe you might like to try a classic Arnold Palmer.  This is simply equal parts of  black tea and lemonade poured over ice.  It is the best of both worlds.
*Don't be afraid to spike it.  In fact, the first glasses of iced tea enjoyed in America were accompanied with liquor and were called "punches."
*Add anything you want--Try fresh mint or basil from the garden.  Muddle some fresh berries and add them to your tea.
*If you are from the South, you probably wouldn't think of making tea without an equal part of sugar. 
*You can take any of the above beverages that you care to make and freeze them in ice cube trays or in popsicle trays.  Even adults can enjoy these popsicles!
*Try not to squeeze the tea bags after brewing when making iced tea as this releases some tannins which may cause the tea to be bitter.
We will continue our 10% off sale on all Iced Teas thru the end of June.  Be sure to stock up for the hot days and nights of summer that are right around the corner.
The listed prices already show the 10% savings that have been taken off all of our iced teas.
As a
bonus for June, if you purchase 3 packages of any Iced Teas we will add a 12 ounce insulated double wall iced tea glass  to your order at no additional cost to you.  Iced Tea Glass

A second bonus for June--If you click on the NEW!! section on our website we have taken 10% off the price of anything labeled NEW.

Tea Sippers and Coffee Grinders your samples for July will be on their way the first of July.  We enjoy hearing all your thoughts and comments.  If you aren't a member you can  join either club--just send an email to asking to become a member.
money                       May $25 gift certificate winner
            Congratulations to Samantha from Pennsylvania!!
            We will award another gift certificate for June.

Have a bit of fun--experiment with a new flavor of Iced Tea.  Grab a good book or magazine, a tall, frosty glass of Iced Tea, a comfortable chair, add some sun glasses and get outside and enjoy the warm weather.   June 21st is the first day of summer.
You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. (C. S. Lewis)

Till we sip together again,
 12 teas of chrisstmas

     Barb Tuson
      Your Tea Experience Lady

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