Monday, December 8, 2008

Mrs, Charlotte's tips for a Stress Free Holiday

How do we handle stress during the holidays?

It can be a real challenge handling stress and depression during the holidays. We are all trying to do to many things in a short

period of time and we pay the price. Some of the following tools will help us have stress free holidays.

1) Organize your time. Don’t over book yourself. Be reasonable with your schedule. Give yourself a break, create time for yourself to do

things that you love to do. Plan ahead.

2) Delegate household duties such a cleaning and decorating to each family member. Make some time for yourself.

3) Make a budget before going shopping and stick to it. Make sure you stay out of debt.

4) Don’t always say yes, only say yes to what you really want to do. People will understand if you can’t do certain projects or

activities. Learn to say “No”.

5) Get plenty of sleep, exercise and good nutrition. This will make you feel better and helps you cope with stress.

6) Acknowledge your feelings. Give yourself permission to be sad. It’s OK to cry or express your feelings when needed.

7) Appreciate the simple things. Get into the holiday spirit by putting on holiday tunes or make your favorite recipe.

8) Choose resolutions that help you feel valuable and provide long term happiness.

9) Accept family members and friends as they are. Don’t try to change them. They are probably feeling the effects of holiday stress

and depression too.

10) Seek support if you feel isolated or down. You don’t have to go it alone. Don’t be a martyr.

References: Mayo Clinic

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